This is a music video I made for my band KIZ & LEGIN.
It is our first video, so we went as all out as possible with about $200 of a budget. It took a few weeks to scout locations, prepare, shoot and edit but it turned out exactly how I visualized it in my head.. 

The Plot of the video was derived from the lyrics, its a bit morbid but keep in mind this is just the first in a series of videos, so the full story has not yet been told (wink wink).

Videography: Adrian Vit, Jose-Gabriel (me)

Editing: Jose-Gabriel

Concept: Nigel Tremeer, Jose-Gabriel

CAST & CREW: Katie Ross Leckie, Matt Almeida, Alex Sowinski, Jose-Gabriel, Nigel Tremeer, Eddie Philalister (I dont know his real last name), Rage Williams, Emcee Rae, Bo Nunes, JR Dunn, Ike Arumba, Che, Marcus Mazzei, The CRC Crew; Courtney Spiteri, Caroline Wojtowicz, Lindsay McManus, Aria Lee Stoneham, Marlene Teixeira, Amanda Nugent, Eileen Gualtieri, 

PROPS & WARDROBE: Aria Lee Stoneham, Jose-Gabriel